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Sintered Tools work on which Material?

Sintered Tools works on Granite, Marble, Sand Stone and Glass.

What is difference between End Mill & Ball Mill?

End Mills are having flat surface on top While Ball Nose are having radius on top.

How to Select Tool Size?​

Tool Size depends on Designs but generally flat End Mill works for Roughing or 2D. And Ball nose works for Finishing.

What is the life of Tool?

Tool life depends on Material and Depth of cuts/ Step Over in Programs but generally one tool can work for one day.

Does water require while cutting Stone?

Water is must while cutting with Sintered and vacuum brazed tools . Water plays role for cooling as well removing slurry and thus it gives better finishing on job.

What is difference between Sintered Tools and Vaccume Brazed Tools?

Sintered tools are metal bonding technology while Vacuum brazed is just brazing on surface of tool .Sintered diamond penetrated up to center of tool while Vacuum brazed sticks on surface of metal.

Why tool get break while running on granite/glass/marble?

Tools life and quality of cutting is depend on parameter which you are using with machine . Tools get damage while working because there is something wrong with parameter . parameter varies material to material , customer has to change parameter to understand best output for his Stone.
Parameter means Feed , RPM and Depth of Cut .

What are the basic criteria for tool working at higher RPM?

Tool must be balance and Tool must working with NO Run-out . It must running through while its in spindle otherwise it damage your spindle bearing in long run . That means you must have to buy Tools with Parallel or with zero Run out.

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