CNC Milling

SHUSA has the Tools, Technology, and Training to CNC Mill any project from start to finish. Whether Precision Gage, Fixture, Stamping Die, Mold, Prototype or Production run, this is where SHUSA’s CNC milling services excel. With an Impressive variety of exotic material experience, SHUSA often tackles the newest R&D projects other job shops no bid. SHUSA has CNC machined parts that are under the Ocean, above the Atmosphere, and Everywhere in between.

Machining Center Details​

VMC V8060 (Made in Taiwan) 4th Axis

VMC V8060 4th Axis

CMO 740 (Made in Taiwan)4th Axis

TC 250 (Parishudh Make)

LX200 Super (MacPower Make)

DX150 (Jyoti-Huron Make)

Conventional Machine Details